About Us


Who are these guys anyway?

Founded in 2012, Always a Shoulder is a non-profit organization committed
to changing the lives of children affected by the loss of a parent.

The organization’s co-founders, Terry Londy and Nathan Schwinnen, both
lost their fathers when they were in their teens. The difficulty of
going through this situation has led them to form Always a Shoulder,
with the hopes that they will be able to help and support children going
through similar situations.

The primary goal of Always a Shoulder is to provide emotional and spiritual
support to children who have lost a parent. The organization will also
provide financial support in the form of scholarships and other support
to families that may see a significant reduction in income due to the
loss of a wage-earner.

Always a Shoulder is committed to changing the lives of children in
a positive way.

Nathan Schwinnen

I am passionate about the mission of Always a Shoulder because losing
a parent is a traumatic experience for any child. My father passed away
suddenly when I was 17 years old and this changed my life forever. I
was blessed to have these 17 years with my dad. Some kids are not so
fortunate. Regardless of what age a child loses a parent, our mission
is to ensure that those children have access to all the resources necessary
to cope with that loss. We are committed to changing lives in a positive

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